Chill out & vibe out, while recharging with the “Stop Doing Things You Don’t Like” Polyester Pillow CASE covers. There are 4 sizes available for you to artify your space with the MoNique’s personal design from the sketchbook to you and the first décor design for the cassette mix tape in 2019. This slick little polyester spun pillow case with the stealth zipper on the side, automatically upgrades your personal space to reminding you in a fun way to practice this daily mantra while expressing your personality in your home.

She loves the analog technology from the music era (obviously if you have seen her iconic cassette tape) and as a child, art and music was a way she could express herself. She never had the boom box she really wanted as a child but she had a walkman, (remember that) and she would sit in her room for hours slapping in tape after tape from her favorite artists or when she could catch the radio at just the right time, she would record her favorite songs. 

.: 100% Polyester cover

.: Double sided print
.: Concealed zipper
.: Pillow not included

BoomBox S.D.T.Y.D.L. Square Pillow Case


Mo LeRoux Art Est. 2016

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