For my 35th Birthday... I MADE IT! I enjoyed a 45 minute ride over the entire city of Houston. Flying over Downtwon Houston, Memorial City, Minute Maid Park, NRG, Passing through the Galleria and seeing the William's Tower up so close and so high. There's no secret I love a skyline. I live in Houston but I love any large cities skyline, like Charlotte North Carolina, or the smooth and serene feel of Denver Colorado. I often do skylines in my art but this birthday, skyline and helicopter ride was special to me because as you all know, in July of 2018, I wanted to take my own life. I am grateful to still be here and have these experience. I sat down with my sketchpad and handrew and painted this sky line but I like playing around with digital art too. So I then I brought the rough sketch over to digital and began editing and coloring to give the graphic more depht into this playful side of my personality. The same process for my first digital print and daily mantra, to "Stop Doing Things You Don't Like" cassette tape. Printed on superior quality High glass card stock and stamped "Orginal" with My initials. (Not Signed). FREE SHIPPING on ALL PRINTS ONLY, using code FREESHIP20

"Above it all HTX"