February 13th 2021- April 24th 2021

The Meet Houston's Artists Docuseries is given an Group Exhibition at Sawyer Yards, Sabine Street Studios in Houston Texas. The works of all 14 artist cast members will be featured in the show.

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November 12th 2020

MoNique is featured as the Live Artist for the Non-Profit, Minority Veteran's of America. Sponsored by Amazon & Johnson & Johnson


September 30th 2020

MoNique is featured in ShoutOut HTX for her art and local buzzworhty independently produced upcoming film release, "Meet Houston's Artists."


September 2nd 2020

MoNique is recognized by OutSmart Magazine for the LGBT Artists inclusion in her Docuseries, "Meet Houston's Artists."

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August 18th 2020

MoNique was recognized by Houston City Book for her Meet Houston's Artists Docuseries. The Article mentions artists in the film and some art locations that were filmed in the making of the docuseries.

August 7th 2020

MoNique was recognized by 501c(3) Fresh Arts & Arts District Houston, for her Meet Houston's Artists Docuseries and was invited to speak as a guest artists for the Fresh Arts Summit. She shared a little about herself, her art & the upcoming docuseries.


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July 15th 2020

Local Houston artist, podcast host, and film maker MoNique LeRoux is currently filming a docuseries in Houston, Texas. Narrated, directed and produced by MoNique, she travels the city as an underground artist to tell the stories of many multi-level career artists continuing to create amid COVID-19, Economic downfall & a country divided in Houston, Texas, USA. From painting out of their living rooms, doing pop-up art shows, and festivals to having a studio space in differing areas of the city. Each artist has their own story to how they got started in the city of Houston as artists and we will visit some of those locations and see how they are managing the mess, that is, 2020

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April 8th 2020

MoNique LeRoux seizes the opportunity to evelvate local Houston artists visibility via a social media trend called the #DontRushChallenge. With 10 other artists, she challenged to a paint brush relay, then edited, directed, and produced the short video herself. Initially posted to Facebook, within the first hour it had 400 views, the first 24 hours, 1.8kviews and first week 3.8k views and still counting. 

 September 20th 2019

MoNique LeRoux's First Solo Show, "My Language" was held at the Chrysalis in Housotn, Texas in her Escapist mentorship program under the supervison of internationally and locally known professional career artist John Ross Palmer

The Exhibiton included over 60 pieces of newly produced works all created by LeRoux in 2019. A first ever in escapist history, with a world premiere viewing of her self produced documenary covering her experience in the mentorship program titled, "The 2019 Escapist Experience: MoNique LeRoux. 



July 2019

MoNique LeRoux

Launches the Podcast,

"Perspective of an Artist" with MoNique LeRoux

June 5th 2019

MoNique LeRoux featured in the Houston TX magazine "Voyage Houston". LeRoux covers, her career moves, her business and of course her passion for art.

Feb 8th 2019


Mo LeRoux becomes a certified Texas State VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Event) Art Juror. Region 4 & More!

2019 Escapist Initiation

Pictured Left to Right: Mentor & Artist: John Ross Palmer, Mentor Ryan Lindsey, Cynthia, MoNique LeRoux! Matt, Lindsey, Harris County Commissioner Pct. 2 Adrian Garcia

Jan 27th 2019

Mo LeRoux has her Escapist Initiation with local Non-Profit Art Launch, sponsored by HEB. A One Year Mentorship & Residency with local Artist: John Ross Palmer in the "Escapist Mentorship Program".


March 18th 2017


LeRoux explains to imItsArt Magazine her particular style of art, where her inspiration comes from and how she feels her work is a reflection of herself, her emotions and unqiue style.