Who is MoNique LeRoux?

Artist, Podcast Host, Director, Producer

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As a living artist in Houston, Texas and after serveral career changes from the military, the police force, firefighting, and even dental assisting she couldn't out run any longer her depression, PTSD and anxiety. She turned to art for self healing and began creating her own version of happiness while inspiring others with her movement to, Stop Doing Things You Don't Like". All her life experiences are shared in her podcast from life lessons, personal and spiritual growth.

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Live Streams Begin NOv-10th-2020

Daily Mantra & Movement

Stop Doing Things

You Don't Like

In 2016 MoNique boxed up her last uniform and moved back to Houston Texas after her 15 year long stint of searching for fufillment & happiness in her previous careers. She took the opportunity to start pursuing an art career and "Mo LeRoux Art" was established. Along the way she realized in order to be happy and the answer to life was so simple, "Stop Doing Things You Don't. In 2019 at her First Solo Show she coined and began the S.D.T.Y.D.L. movement and collection to help spread the inspring words and her pesonal daily mantra.

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