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MoNique LeRoux is a Texas native with French Creole heritage born in the small town of Lufkin, Texas. LeRoux is also a military veteran, former police officer, former firefighter, and a few other careers. In 2016 she boxed up her last uniform and moved to Houston to pursue her passion, art. LeRoux's art career began to flourish and MoNique LeRoux Art was established. Her artwork is composed of a spectrum of mixed media abstract works of multiple textures and color palette combinations. From works on traditional stretched canvas, wood panels, works on paper, mixed media sculptures and hand drawn art prints then enhanced with digital drawing software. The artist simply describes her artwork as, "Just conversations with myself and sorting through thoughts". She hosts her own Podcast, “Perspective of an Artist with MoNique LeRoux” syndicated on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify & More. LeRoux covers topics on her unique perspective of the life she has gained from her various careers, personal life challenges and growth. On her social media platforms and podcast she covers spiritual content sharing her humor. LeRoux holds a A.A.S in Business Management, is a certified VASE Art Juror for the State of Texas, and her first solo show debuted in 2019, Houston, Texas. She held her first art residency in the Escapist Mentorship program in 2019. She has directed, written, produced, edited and starred in several art films. In 2020 she became The Lead Artist, Director, & Creator of The Meet Houston's Artists Docuseries that gained fanfare from multiple media outlets and publications throughout the city of Houston and local major media outlet FOX 26 news. With 13 other artists she organized a Group Exhibition at Sawyer Yards in 2021 to honor the artists that participated in the experimental docuseries. She was awarded "Meet Houston's Artists Day" in the city of Houston by Mayor Sylvester Turner on February 22nd 2021. In June of 2021 LeRoux's artwork was selected for the "Big Show" at Houston's Lawn Dale Art Center.


Artist Statement:

“Stop doing things you don’t like.”


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Abstract Painter

Voice Over Actor

Film Director & Producer


Content Creator

Art Career

"The Big Show" Lawn Dale Art Center

Houston, TX

June 19th - Aug. 14th 2021

The Big Show is an ambitious open-call juried competition of artists practicing within a 100-mile radius of Lawndale that reflects our commitment to supporting local and regional artists at various stages in their career. The Big Show 2021 is juried by independent curator and art historian Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, who selected 212 artworks by 182 artists from over 500 submissions

Lawn Dale Art Center: The Big Show

Meet Houston's Artist Docuseries Day

City of Houston, Texas

February 22nd 2021

On February 22nd of 2021 the Mayor of the City of Houston recognized & awarded a city wide holiday proclamation for MoNique's innovation & dedication to the art & art community during the COVID-19 pandemic with art, unity, & creativity.

City Wide Proclamation: Meet Houston's Artists Day

Meet Houston's Artists Group Exhibition

Sawyer Yards, Sabine Street Studios, HTX, USA

Feb. 13th -April 24th 2021

An Exhibition sending a unified message through art of “Empathy” from the cast of Artists from “Meet Houston’s Artists” a docuseries filmed, directed, and created by local Houston Artist, MoNique LeRoux. The docuseries is 14 episodes dedicated to painting the art journey of artists in Houston, Texas creating amid Covid-19, Economic downfall, and a country divided during 2020.

Sawyer Yards- Sabine Street Studios: Meet Houston's Artists Group Exhibition

Minority Veteran's of America

November 12th 2020

FOX 26 recognizes the "Meet Houston's Artists Docuseries"

November 10th 2020

Fresh Arts, Arts District Houston Creative Artist's Grant

August 7th 2020

Meet Houston's Artists Docuseries 

July 15th 2020

My Language Solo Show

Sept. 19th 2019

Texas State Certified Art Jurior

February 2019

Escapist Artist Residency

January 14th 2019

As a US Navy Veteran, LeRoux is invited to live paint for the Non-Profit & participate in a collective healing & artistic event for veterans during the COVID-19 Pandemic using Live Streams.

View the Artist Guest Live

Reporter Chelsea Edwards of FOX 26 Houston, Texas airs two segments with artists Hugo Perez & Teresa Staley of the Meet Houston's Artists Cast to share their inspiration & story.

Morning Segment Video

MoNique is invited to the annual Fresh Arts Artist Virtual Summit as a guest artist to share her KickStarter Campaign & film project: The Meet Houston's Artists Docuseries & is awarded a creative artists grant.

View the Artist Guest Live

MoNique Directed, Edited, Filmed, Narrated & Produced the Meet Houston's Artists Docuseries at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 14 Episodes dedicated to the story of how she she met each artist and how they are all managing the pandemic and their art careers.

View Official Press Release

YouTube Playlist

MoNique's Solo Show, "My Language" debuted at the Chrysalis Gallery at 1218 Heights Blvd Houston, Texas. The show embodied her abstract expression works with the emphasis of communication of emotions and inner understanding of one self.

Art Juror for students in the Visual Artists Schoolastic Events held annually through out the regions of the state of Texas ISD's.

Artists residency held at the Chrysalis in Houston, Texas.

Escapist Mentorship


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