MoNique LeRoux is a Texas native, with French Creole heritage and is an only child raised in Charleston, South Carolina. She is a also military veteran, ex law enforcement officer and former firefighter. The latter is the career in which her fascination with chemistry grew and flourished into the unique combination of resin, chemistry, & fire that is the major part of her artistic process. In 2016 LeRoux boxed up her last uniform and moved to Houston to pursue her passion. Her art career was born and MoNique LeRoux Art was established. As an advocate for mental health, PTSD awareness and inspring others with her daily mantra and movement, "Stop Doing Things You Don't Like." LeRoux teaches art therapy paint sessions and works with veterans through volunteering.

                In 2019 she was accepted into the Escapist Mentorship Program under internationally acclaimed artist, John Ross Palmer. In May of 2019, she began her live fire painting performances. They give a glimpse into the abstract expressionist’s unique Process-in-action and why she is now well known as, “Houston’s ONLY Fire & Resin Painting Artist.” Additionally LeRoux produced, edited, directed and starred in her own documentary, “The 2019 Escapist Experience: MoNique LeRoux.”  It can be view on YouTube. In July of 2019 she launched her Podcast, “Perspective of an Artist with MoNique LeRoux” and she covers topics on her unique perspective of life she has gained from her various careers, personal struggles, and advice on how to understand, receive, & give empathy and compassion for others.

Artist's Statement:

In 2016 I boxed up my last uniform. I spent 15 years doing things that weren’t really following my true passion and dreams. I am a military veteran and former fighter; the ladder career is where my fascination with art and love it ignited again (pun totally intended) and I began creating regularly. In the various careers I held, overtime, I developed PTSD, depression and anxiety. Art became a way of healing myself, so I set forth to help others heal but this time through MY art and with the freedom of self expression. My artwork began to bridge the gap between the emotions I had and how I started to learn how to communicate them to others and comfortably. In my abstract expressionist works, the colors and textures often represent emotions and experiences. I think we all feel a lot of the same things; we just have a hard time communicating it or afraid to let others know. The message with my art and as I continue to inspire others is to, “Stop doing things you don’t like.” I believe that is the only way you can find peace and joy within one self and in this life.

"Stop Doing Things You Don't Like"

-MoNique LeRoux

Mo LeRoux Art Est. 2016

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