MoNique LeRoux is a Texas native with French Creole heritage born in the small town of Lufkin, Texas. LeRoux is also a military veteran, former police officer and former firefighter. The latter is the career in which her fascination with fire, chemistry & art grew, that gave birth to the unique combination of mixed media, abstract expression and the use of fire in her work. In 2016 LeRoux boxed up her last uniform, moved to Houston to pursue her passion; her art career was born and MoNique LeRoux Art was established. LeRoux has directed, written, produced, edited and starred in her art films. She also hosts her own Podcast, “Perspective of an Artist with MoNique LeRoux” syndicated on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify & More. She covers topics on her unique perspective of the life she has gained from her various careers, struggles and growth. She holds a A.A.S in Business Management, is a certified VASE Art Juror for the State of Texas, her first solo show debuted in 2019, Houston, Texas, A 2019 John Ross Palmer Escapist Alumni & The Lead Artist, Director & Creator of The Meet Houston's Artists Docuseries Group Exhibition at Sawyer Yards in 2021. LeRoux’s inspiration is her daily mantra to,

“Stop Doing Things You Don’t Like”.


Artist's Statement:

 “Stop doing things you don’t like.”